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Welcome to E-xquisiteFASHION!

Will only be selling instocks from now on. Do look out for more new updates!

Officially open-ed on 01.01.10!
Do support!

B`renda N/. is at your service.
Apparently I`m 12 this year.
You can totally trust me!
For any enquires, do contact me at :

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Terms & Conditions.

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Payment & Collection methods are only available in meet-ups!

Only at :
Woodlands MRT.
Downstairs My Block.
*Admiraly MRT.
*During School Days only

I will only be doing meet-ups on the venues stated above. Sorry for the inconvenience cause for the people living far from Woodlands, I`m not able to travel far as my exams are around the corner. Hope you understand! :)

1 Cookie Monster Tee.
13 Tele CoilBands.
5 Hoodie BackPacks.
5 Fbts.
21 Apparels.

44 items and still counting. :)

Hope you enjoyed shopping here! :)
Do Come Again! ^^

Monday, October 25, 2010 3:22 PM

Moved to www.luxurious-x.blogspot.com ^^


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